Amla Juice 650ml



  • Potent gift of Mother Nature to Mankind.
  • Rich source of Vitamin ‘C’
  • Improves immune system
  • Beneficial for digestive system
  • Helpful in hyper acidity and indigestion
  • Help to prevent heart disease
  • Purifies the blood & keep body cool
  • Promotes hair health
  • Boost liver health
  • Improves metabolic activity
  • Relives Diarrhea & Dysentery

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Nutritional Values (per 100 g approx. When packed)
Product Name Protein (g) Fat (g) Fiber (g) Carbohydrate (g) Energy (kcal) Vitamin C (g) Calcium (mg) Potassium (mg) Phosphorus (mg) Iron (mg)
Amla Juice 0.2 0.08 Nil 4.99 22 380 Nil Nil Nil Nil

Doses: should be taken early in the morning with empty stomach, at bed time and before lunch. Note: Do not take Tea at list one hour after having it.
How to use: For best results mix the contents thoroughly by tapping and shaking the bottle so that the starchy and fibrous material of the fruit at the bottom get mixed before use.
Some more remedies of Amla juice:
1. Stomach problems – gas trouble, constipation, omitting, warms, acidity (pitta)
2. Urinary problem – painful urination, urine with blood, bed urination, etc.
3. Fattiness
4. Mental disorder
5. Sweating
6. Piles
7. Headache
8. Omitting
9. Old Age Problems.
10. Blood Impurities
11. Skin Diseases
12. Arthritis

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