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How does Amla help in building overall health

Amla or the Indian gooseberry has been used for their medicinal properties since earlier times. This fruit has been used in Ayurveda to purify blood, enhance overall health , increase immunity, and treat respiratory problems. Indeed, it is one of the key ingredients in nearly every Ayurvedic medicine and tonic. This is a rich source of vitamin C and contains as much vitamin C as 20 oranges in only one fruit. The Indian Gooseberry is a tangy fruit mostly available during the winter season. This fruit is especially famous for its unique taste, since it contains a mixture of various flavors ranging from bitter, pungent, sweet to astringent and sour. There are many health benefits of eating amla daily and there is no doubt that amla is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Amla is also packed with antioxidant compounds that can increase overall health and well-being.  let us take a look at some health benefits of amla which help in building overall health:-

It can help you control your Diabetes:- Amla helps to regulate blood sugar and lipid levels. You’ll soon notice changes in your blood sugar levels if you have this fruit regularly. But, before you make this fruit a part of your daily diet, you must consult your doctor if you have diabetes as it can lead your sugar levels to drop below normal. This is especially important if you’re already on medication for diabetes.

It can regulate your cholesterol level:- Amla prevents harmful cholesterol accumulation in the heart, and encourages heart health. This includes the compounds that interact with food cholesterol absorption and thereby reduce cholesterol levels in the body. It also blocks the enzyme ‘s action which plays an important role in cholesterol production. Therefore, please ensure that you include amla in your diet to regulate cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy heart. With that, drink half a glass of amla juice mixed in the morning with just a tablespoon full of honey on an empty stomach.

It boosts immunity:- Amla is a rich source of Complex Vitamin C , Vitamin B, and antioxidants. Such nutrients not only remove toxic body toxins but also help counter dangerous free radicals. The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in amla helps to reduce inflammation levels in the body and thereby avoid infection. This also contains immune-strengthening properties , making it is a must-have winter fruit for seasonal infections.

It is good for your eyes:- Amla possesses effective antibacterial properties. It helps to avoid bacterial eye problems such as conjunctivitis and many other eye infections. Carotene in amla enhances vision, and can also enhance the eye muscles. In addition, daily consumption of this fruit will avoid intraocular discomfort (the pressure that you feel), red eyes, scratching and even eye watering.

Prevents Constipation:- Amla is a rich source of fibre, making bowel movement easier. It serves as a great laxative while helping constipated individuals get rid of it. In addition, it also promotes gastric juice secretion, and hence increases digestion. The availability of a large range of nutrients in amla makes it a perfect natural constipation remedy. Eating one small fruit or drinking a small glass of freshly prepared amla juice early morning for smooth digestion is all you need to do to reap its benefits.

Amla beautifies hair:- As with curry leaves, Amla is a tested hair tonic. It reduces the graying, removes dandruff, strengthens hair follicles and improves the circulation of blood to the scalp, thus enhancing hair development. Even Amla serves as a natural conditioner that gives you soft shimmering locks. For a hair pack, you might apply amla oil or mix amla powder into henna.

Amla is a true natural super-food filled with nutrients and with absolutely no side effects. So just go ahead, and try to gain the health benefits of this healthy fruit. Stay healthy, stay good!

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