Everything you need to know about Amlamrut

Amlamrut is a renowned brand acclaimed for manufacturing the best amla products in India. The variety of Amla products are produced in different forms like murabba, pickles, powder, juice, or candy for easy consumption. The intake of Amla is necessary to lead a healthy and nourishing lifestyle. Ingestion of Amla detoxifies our body and purifies our blood.

Amlamrut recognizes the fruitfulness of amla and incorporates them its remedial solutions along with ayurvedic herbs. Amlamrut has also made sure that customers can buy amla murabba online and easy availability of other products. You may find Amla’s taste as unappealing, but the sheer brilliance of Amlamrut has upgraded its taste by infusing organic spices.

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a therapeutic fruit that supplies nutrients in abundance and improves our productivity.

Amla is rich in Vitamin C as well as necessary minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and chromium. Our centuries-old sacred texts, Ayurveda, profess how amla accompanied by strength of different herbs can provide us with medicinal merits.

Amla can exterminate serious infections, reduce the risk of organ failures, prevent hair fall or dandruff, and impede aging. It also builds our immunity to ward off any diseases. Amlamrut’s products can be devoured with any meal or during snack time.

We have listed few of Amlamrut’s products and their prospective benefits-

  1. Amlamrut Amla Murabba

Murabba is the rawest, most natural and purest form of Amla. Amlamrut Amla Murabba is prepared by cooking amla with sugar syrup and specific quantities of Indian spices. The smooth blend of tangy and sweet flavor leaves you wanting more.

Murabba is an all-purpose remedy that lowers bad cholesterol levels and thus lowers the threat of impending heart diseases.

The high content of Vitamin C enhances the immune strength, builds a protection shield around us, and keeps all maladies out of our bodies. Amlamrut Murabba also comes in shredded form for easy consumption by children and even senior citizens.

  1. Amlamrut Amla Juice and Amla Squashes

Amlamrut has introduced a distinctive range of amla drinks comprising pure amla juice and different squashes like amla ginger, amla lemon, amla honey, amla pudina, and amla lemon ginger.

These are refreshing and invigorating drinks that revitalize you after strenuous daylong work. It cools down your body and regulates your body heat during summers preventing you from heat strokes. Amla juice has more than two times more Vitamin C than orange juice.

It increases the flow of blood to eye capillaries and maintains good eyesight. The antioxidants in the amla drinks expel the toxins and chemicals from the body to prevent kidney and gall bladder stones and make the liver healthy.

  1. Amlamrut Amla Pickle and Amla Chutney

Amlamrut also produces pickles in mainly three categories – Amla pickle, Amla Mix pickle, and Amla chili pickle. It also distributes Amla chutney.

All these savories have a delicious and lingering taste, which please your taste buds, and you want to make it a permanent part of your meals. These pickles and chutneys constitute several ayurvedic herbs and spices that, together with Amla’s goodness, help in curing digestive problems, including acidity and gas. Amlamrut pickle is free of synthetic flavoring agents and is entirely natural in composition, thus evading any side effects.

  1. Amlamrut Amla Pachak

Pachak is a specially formulated medicine which is effective in curing all the gastric and digestion related maladies. Amlamrut Pachak is a best in class healing medication that stimulates the production of digestive juices in the intestinal tract, which breaks down the complex food into a soluble solution.

This prevents constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, and hyperacidity. Amla Pachak also promotes urine production that passes the malignant contaminations out of the body.

  1. Amlamrut Amla Candy

If your kid continually urges you to buy candies and chocolates, then buy Amlamrut Amla candy today, which is so fiber-rich that it conveniently treats the infections and problems of the digestive tract within days.

The Amlamrut Amla candy has a great flavor that kids would love, and you can let them eat it without any guilt. The virtue of amla will help build the body tissues and bones that are instrumental in the overall development of growing children. Amla Candy also strengthens teeth and averts gum problems.

  1. Amlamrut Amla Powder

Amla powder is a multipurpose curative that is not only suitable to ingest but can also be used on skin and hair. Amlamrut excels in contriving Amla powder that you can add as an ingredient in your food.

Amla powder can be smeared with water or glycerin on the skin that exfoliates and makes it supple. Amla powder can be applied to hair, which conditions it to look smooth and glossy. It also prevents the formation of dandruff by making scalp healthy and also nourishes hair to grow long, strong, and healthy.

Amlamrut curates an outstanding range of products constituting amla with selected herbs and spices. All the products are free of preservatives and chemicals that eliminate any undesirable effects related to their consumption. You can easily buy these world-class amla eatables online and treat your family with wholesome nutrition.