7 Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice in Summer Season
Amla Juice

7 Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice in Summer Season

Amla or the Indian gooseberry is one of the key ingredients that are used rarely in Indian kitchens. Since the Neolithic times, the Indian culture has celebrated the sour taste of the amla right from making amla murabba and chutneys. Amla has fulfilled not only the taste receptors of the people but has other therapeutic properties as well.

The high Vitamin C content of a single, tiny amla is known to be the equivalent to 2 oranges. Amla is incredibly rich in fibre, and many other vital nutrients that are necessary for developing a human body’s wear and tear. Amla is a good source of many antioxidants. It enhances the immune mechanism that is the requirement of today.

Regular amla ingestion in managed amounts is a blessing for optimal wellbeing. Studies have shown that amla can control a diabetic patient’s sugar levels. Amla can also assist in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol rates. Amla is incredible for hair and eyes.

Using amla powder with yoghurt or coconut oil on the scalp will prevent hair greying and treat scalp related issues.  Daily consumption of amla will slow down the ageing process and give young juvenile skin.

One of the best ways to increase the intake of amla is by having its juice regularly. Amla juice is the most naturally consolidated form of amla supplement, which gives a lot of benefits if taken religiously.

Did you know that Amla juice will effectively treat most of your health issues in no time at all?  Amla juice has become popular as a power-packed health drink by late. Loaded with many properties that prevent illness, amla can also improve immunity. All of the preferential nutritional benefits of Amla juice consistently have been compiled for you. 


What you want to do while you are out in the heat is get cold water to cool you off. But stay tuned! Why not try the amla juice containing 20 times as much vitamin C as the orange juice? This vitamin stimulates antioxidants needed to shield heat and light. Amla juice also regulates the heat in the body. This serves as a barrier and protects you from dangerous UV rays.


Amla’s astringent and antibacterial effects improve one’s immune response. Oxidative damage causes a significant number of health problems, including cancer – when body cells use oxygen, they leave behind harmful by-products called free radicals. Given that amla juice is a strong antioxidant, it can avoid and restore the damage.


Amla is the most confidential fruit to anti-ageing. Drinking amla juice with honey regularly, on an empty stomach will give you flawless, clean and radiant skin.


Being an excellent tonic for the kidneys, amla helps to enhance the functioning of the liver and defend it against multiple infections. The antioxidants and polyphenols in amla juice help detoxify the liver and protect it against free radical disruption. A healthy liver helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals. 


Amla is an ideal weight reduction treatment because it improves the body’s metabolism and helps to lose fat. By promoting proper digestion and absorption, it avoids the buildup of fat. Amla juice contains the antioxidants which often help in removing the toxins which accumulate fat in the tissues.


Amla is a very effective treatment for controlling women’s reproductive cycles and managing disorders such as PCOS. It washes away all the toxic chemicals and helps preserve balanced sexual organs. This is, therefore, very helpful in managing hormone imbalances and increasing fertility.


Amla is rich in essential vitamins and minerals to nourish and reinforce hair follicles. These nutrients help reduce hair loss and encourage hair development. Amla also helps promote the production of collagen and elastin that aids in the safe growth of the scalp.

So we have gone through the endless advantages of amla juice to wellness and body. Amla is also eligible for routine use in both liquid and tablet varieties.

This tangy fruit can also be used in the preparation of many delicious recipes to include it in your regular diet. This miracle fruit used in your daily diet prevents several health problems and dramatically increases wellbeing and health. 

You can buy the organic amla juice online on all the leading websites. It also contains honey, which is also suitable for overall health. In case, you want to find something sour to suffice the pregnancy cravings; we even offer tangy amla candy online.

Amla is equally useful externally as it helps in reducing the hair fall problems and greying of hair during pregnancy. Using amla powder is effective and promotes naturally black and long hair. It is also readily available online and can be purchased easily.

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