10 Reasons why Amla is an Indian Superfood

You might call Amla a superfood. This has eight times more vitamins C than that of an orange and about seventeen times more antioxidant than a pomegranate. Amla is known in English as Gooseberry Indian. Since of the broad variety of nutrients it can also have plenty of health benefits.

Besides being the seasonal fresh fruits, Amla’s prevention strategies involve many different approaches such as dried berries, pickles, preserves, sauces, candies, juices, and much more. Daily intake can avoid various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, urinary disorders, hormonal imbalances, hair loss, asthma, common cold, and the list is endless.

Some of the health benefits are:-

Rich Source Of Vitamin C:- Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin and strong antioxidant necessary for good health and various biological functions in all parts of our body. 

Hair Care:- Amla is considered a great ingredient for getting rid of hair-related problems and is well regarded as a strong hair conditioner. It has the power to strengthen the hair roots, and it preserves color and increases shine. Amla also serves as a great home treatment for hair loss, dandruff, and gray hair. Amla is well known as a natural hair conditioner, and its antimicrobial properties prevent and cure scalp infection, thereby helping you get rid of dandruff. This will also keep hair from being grey.

Improve Digestion And Regulates Acidity:-Some of the herbs recommended for the treatment of the digestive problem is Alma, which is highly beneficial for good digestive health. 

Eye Care:- We do several procedures to look after our hair and skin but we have never cared for our eyes. It is quite rare that anyone looks after their eyes properly. Amla is an amazing fruit that will improve your eyesight.

Control Diabetes:-Amla is the healthful way to say goodbye to diabetes. The healing herb is of great benefit in controlling blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.

It helps regulate the blood glucose level when taken daily, serving as a simple but effective home remedy for diabetics. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetics include this seasonal fruit in their diet for a healthier life.

Improve Appetite:- Amla powder can be eaten before meals with butter and honey for appetite enhancement. The balance of nitrogen levels in our bodies is established. It helps to drive the poisons out of the liver. 

Improve Skin Health:- Amla, with its wonderful properties, is a gift of nature offered to humanity. As well as antioxidants, vitamin C makes it a strong agent to improve overall skin health. 

Beneficial For Weight Loss:- Amla proved best in burning out the extra amount of fat stored inside the body.

It destroys cholesterol and increases protein and nitrogen retention in the body thus helping us build muscle and lower flab. The presence of fiber also allows the body to remove waste and helps control cravings. This not only fills you up but also stops you from binging and therefore aids in weight loss. You can either kick-start your day with a full amla in the morning or drink a glass of fresh-made amla juice in the middle of the morning to lose weight.

Strengthen The Bones:- Amla has the ability to lower abnormally triggering osteoclasts that decrease the mineral density of the bone and can lead to osteopenia, as well as other bone problems. In addition, amla’s anti-inflammatory properties play a crucial role in reducing inflammation, thus relieving discomfort and swelling in the joints and bones of arthritis patients. To keep the bones strong and healthy, snack a handful of amla candy or raw amla cubes mixed with salt and black pepper.

Purifies Blood:– Amla filters the blood, and cleanses the body, thereby improving our immune system. Not only the fruit, its seeds, barks, leaves, and also the roots play a role in the cleaning and healing of the blood.

Amlas are healthy fruits with low calories, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is a treatment for many health issues. It should be taken at the proper time in the correct amount.

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